If you’ve got an old rug that has lost its beauty, you’ve got to choose whether to clean or replace it. for those who don’t know, rugs can also experience damages, aside from losing their original brightness. It’s the main reason why people choose to buy a new one. If you see an accumulation of hair, dirt, and dust, it’s an obvious indication that your rug is breaking down. It might not be ideal to leave them inside your house.  

Sometimes, a rug cleaning Fremont service might not be enough to save the rug. However, when should you replace your rug? Here are some signs to consider: 

Water Damages 

Oftentimes, rugs that are exposed to years of water accidents and humidity present severe health risks. Mildew and mold form in the correct conditions. Disposal might be needed depending on the extent of the fungi growth.  

Moisture does a lot of damage to your rug. It can delaminate the backing. It can also cause the rug to buckle and wrinkle. Oftentimes, a lingering musty odor remains if the material isn’t properly dried out. If this happens, bacteria can thrive in the fabric.  

Foul Smells 

The odors they release is one of the most repelling aspects of old rugs. Unluckily, they aren’t resistant to years of cleanups and spills that leave behind foul odors. This is particularly true if you have a pet that urinates on the material. This leaves the rug hard to clean and saturated.  

Try having the rug cleaned if you’ve got foul smells emanating from it. This will help you see if the situation improves. Unfortunately, the ideal plan is to replace it for livability and health purposes in most cases after several years.  

Tough Stains 

One of the most stubborn issues on every rug is stains. It can be hard to get rid of them without doing damage to the rug. Cleaning the spots properly as soon as possible is the key to getting rid of them. This will help prevent the discoloration from becoming permanent.  

Also, it’s crucial to have an expert cleaning at least once a year. This will guarantee that all of the excess debris and dirt are eliminated. In addition to that, the technicians have the right tools to work on the issue. A newer rug offers better resistance to stain. However, this protection lowers with time. 

Wear Spots 

Over the years, heavy traffic can take a toll on your rug. The fibers can endure a lot of movement and pressure. However, degradation happens eventually as time passes. If you want to improve the lifespan of your rugs, there are a couple of tips you can follow. This includes: 

  • Be careful when moving heavy furniture 
  • Fix loose fringes and frays 
  • Limit exposure to direct sunlight 
  • Ensure you regularly shake out or vacuum the rug 

These maintenance routines will help keep your rug looking great for a lot of years. Cleaning might help restore your rug for the short term if deep wear and tear happens.